Descript - Change The Way You Edit

Many people today have to create content for their website, youtube channel, podcast, etc.

After videoing or recording the content, the most significant time challenge is editing that content.

It requires staring at waveforms an endless re-playing of the content to find the right sections and remove or reorganize them.

Descript is a revolutionary way to handle this issue.

It converts your media into a text file; which allows you to edit it the same as you would write an email.

It then assembles your media based on that text.

That means I don't even have to view or listen to my content to edit it!

Also, a powerful new feature called "OverDub" allows you to add content using an AI voice create from your voice.

You could even create an entire production using your script.

Check out this videos on our youtube channel to see/hear it in action.