Learn How You Can Change the Keyboard on Your Android Phone

The number of Android users over the years has increased drastically, and now far outweighs iOS users. Smartphones have also evolved with time, and now phones feature unique keypads, and the flagship phones have their own on-screen keyboards.

Mobile phone developers have also improvised and come out with bigger and better keyboards that make it easier for people to text. The current generation prefers to do everything on text, instead of making calls, which is why a phone that has the best keyboard is generally going to be the one that is most popular among the masses.

Lots of smartphone users simply can’t afford flagship smartphones, but they do want a good keyboard for their Android phone. The solution for them is simple, they need to download third-party keyboards, which are easily available on Google Play Store. My favorite keyboards for Android phones include Google’s Gboard, and SwiftKey.

These apps are incredibly beneficial and a must have for everyone that wishes to send messages quickly, and it also suggests names of places or contacts, based on the context of the message, which helps save time.

Nowadays there are so many different types of keyboards available for Android phones that the options can sometimes overwhelm users.

However, to help my fellow Android phone users, I am going to teach them the proper way they can change the keyboard on their Android phone easily.

All that you will need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Step One

Almost all new Android phones come with an Android keyboard, and you will commonly find requests for an installation or an update for the popular Gboard. You can easily do that by going to Google Play Store, and install the app, if it is there already, you need to update it.

Step Two

After you have installed and updated the app, you should open the app, and try writing a message to someone, just to get a hang of the app. You can even try the keyboard on Facebook, Gmail, or even WhatsApp.

Step Three

After you do open the keyboard, you must swipe down, to check the notification center. Over here, you must manage the settings of your Android keyboard so that it runs smoothly.

Step Four

The fourth step is how you approach the settings for your keyboard. All you need to do is click on the pop-up and go to the ‘Languages and Input’ section on your phone. This is the place that allows you to manage the system, along with the keyboard languages. You can also add additional languages of your choice, before you make further changes to your keyboard.