A Cutting Edge Technology Is About to Revolutionize Smartphone Use

I am always on the lookout to find the next cutting edge technology that will be used in smartphones. During my search, I did manage to come across one such innovative technology, which has been created by researchers working at the University of St. Andrews. It helps your phone carry out multiple tasks, just be recognizing the surface it is laid on. The technology has been given the name SpeCam, which is a simple program, which is going to be incorporated in all smartphones to help improve camera function.

The program will help the camera recognize different materials, which it will be able to do through a previous database that has been created in the phone. This will help the phone understand where it has been placed on, and what action should be triggered. Now it may seem a bit complicated for everyone I know, which is why I have a simple example that should explain it.

So, if you have placed your phone face down on your laptop, and you get a call, the phone would automatically send a message stating, ‘sorry I am in a meeting’, or if you have it in your pocket, the message would suggest the caller try reaching a colleague or friend. This program will change the way people hold their phones, and perform tasks on them, because the SpeCam software already has the necessary hardware in place for it to work.

What the Research Says

There has been a lot of research conducted related to the software, and it was presented at the 19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, with numerous mobile devices and services. The SpeCam software is going to have sensing surface color material, which will include a front-facing camera on the mobile. It got rave reviews and was mentioned honorably at the MobileHCL.

The lead researcher on this technology is Professor Aaron Quigley, who is the Chair of Human Computer Interaction at the University, and has already labeled it as the best example of discreet computing or discreet interaction, where inconspicuous and subtle user actions help form new types of interactions. The ability to recognize surfaces by the phone will only result in people becoming more comfortable with using smartphones.

About SpeCam

The best thing about SpeCam is that it is extremely clever with how the

screen/display of the smartphone can capture and recognize different surfaces. The program uses a multi-spectral light, which will capture the reflection of the surface it has been placed on. The program will also allow the screen to cycle rapidly through various colors, which will help illuminate the object, and will help detect different materials, while also learning about the of the device as well.

The man responsible for this cutting-edge breakthrough,

, is leading the research, and has claimed that the main aim, it so help develop interaction for one-handed usage of smartphones, which will help mobile manufacturers add new hardware to their phones. There is no doubt about it that this cutting-edge technology will revolutionize smartphone use in the future.