The Note 8 Is Evolutionary Not Revolutionary

As an S8+ owner I don't see much to get me to jump thru the hoops of getting the Note 8.

In my case I would have to pay up to the 50% mark of my current phone so $280.00 (since I dropped my S8+ a few weeks ago - I'd have fix that first, so that another $200.00 for the deductible ).

So I would have to shell out $480.00 to trade-up to the Note 8.

I'd get a better camera and my pen back (which I miss, but is that worth $480.00)?

Many S8 users are in the same position, I predict many previous Note users will keep their S8/S8+ and opt to sit this one out.

Coming against the iPhone 8 I predict that Note 8 will not be the success Samsung had hoped.

So now I'll start looking forward to the S9 and Note

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