What would you do for 5 bucks?

That is the premise of the website Fiverr ( fiverr.com ).

On this website you will find an amazing assortment of artists, copy editors , photographers, voice over artists, programmers and more, offering to do a wide range of tasks for only $5

If you are a follower to my YouTube channel, you've seen the opening that I have for my videos.

It cost me $5.00.

If you have ever called my office or cell phone and heard my charming English receptionist asking you to leave a message, yup...I paid $5.00 for her to make those recordings.

My YouTube channel art, business card design, flyer design, heck even my logo....yup,yup and yup....Fiverr.

Which brings me to my point. You can now wake up in the morning with an idea and for $25.00 or $30.00 have a the marketing materials and website (more about the website part later) ready to serve customers by the end of the next day (unless you are willing to pay more and then you can have it the same day)