I'm getting the new S8+, but not because I like it...

When I got the S7 Edge, it was a shotgun marriage at best. As "The Hi Tech Nomad". I travel, alot. Much of my travel includes airplanes.

So when threaten with being unable to board a plane with my Samsung Galaxy Note 7, I reluctantly turned it in and got the S7 Edge.

Over the past few months we have tolerated one another like roomates that are stuck in a lease.

We have never been happy with one another and I think it's somehow knows that it was not my first choice.

For my other phones after this period of time I had purchased a dozen different cases and accessories, by not for my S7edge.

The screen size as well as the curves on the edge (are vastly different from my Note 7) and have been a little disappointing.

So yes I am back at the altar to get the S8+. However, I can't help but feel that this is just the Note 7 repackaged for my early consumption.

So I'll purchase it now fully expecting that in a few months I will be trading that in for the new Note 8.

I mean let's face it the S8+ is basically a Note 7 as far as the design , Iris scanner, camera the only thing the differentiate it from the Note 7 is the lack of a physical home button.

Yes the S8+ is not Mr. Right, its just Mr. Right Now.

Its also becoming more and more apparent that things like the fingerprint scanner was supposed to be underneath of the home screen, dual cameras etc were planned but not present.

So I'm getting the S8+ but not because I like it.

I'll buy the S8+ for now, knowing that it will just be our summer of love and not a long-term marriage.

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